About Me

Here is a short list of the tasks I'm capable of performing as a Linux System Administrator:

  1. disk partition tables thorough understanding, disk partitioning + file systems creation experience;
  2. fdisk and gdisk programs proficiency;
  3. I know both apt and dnf/rpm package mangers;
  4. feel comfortable with both Debian and RedHat Enterprise based distributions;
  5. basic users / group administration + file permissions, useradd, groups, chmod, chown;
  6. ssh knowledge and troubleshooting; ssh -v servername, I know how 2 use ssh config file;
  7. I can read and I understand ssh -v output and I can fix it;
  8. intermediate VIM knowledge; can edit 2 files at once :-)
  9. I wrote this site in VIM, but I'm still learning to move faster;
  10. know basic Apache2 web server config and Virtual Hosts config;
  11. I'll be glad to learn NGINX if needed;
  12. basic TCP/IP knowledge and conguration skills / basic regular expressions;
  13. thorough sql database understanding + designing + insert/select statements;
  14. can install MS SQL SERVER and PostgreSQL engine;
  15. basic firewall configuration skills on both ufw and firewalld;
  16. I have advanced problem solving abilities and I'm quite meticulous person;
  17. I can read documentation and there are days I even enjoy doing it;

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