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My name is Michal Roesler and I'm data anlyst, MS Excel expert and MS SQL Server eager student.

I've been working with Excel for many years in different companies. Some of them where big corporations where I was doing what I was told to do. Other where smaller, 10 employees companies, where I was responsible for almost all IT duties/actions and where I've managed to introduce some time saving automation patterns. I'm intermediately skilled VBA programmer. In my life I've written around 25 VBA macros, that have improved or totally automated big chunks of work, for the teams I was part of.

After more than ten years experience in handling data using MS Excel I've decided 2 broaden my skillset with MS SQL Server database knowledge. I've been studying that for some time now and I have basic/average knowledge using SELECT statement and some rudimentary skills in designing databse structure. Learning database optimization techniques is still ahead of me but I plan to aquire this shills in the near future.

I'm learning MS SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio 18 as a database management system.

Currently I'm learning to host my own website using the Linode server. I addition to these skills I'm also learning HTML/CSS coding. What you see is the outcome of this efforts.

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There is many interesting things in IT. Currently I'm planning to learn Linux (Ubuntu) Administration to be able to manage my own Linux server to host internet sites and to have 24/7 active SQL server.

My second goal is to learn SQL Server database environment, so I can build and manage databases on my own.






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